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Sars gives olive branch to overseas tax evaders

Cape Town – The South African Revenue Service (Sars) has identified South Africans who use bank accounts overseas to evade […]

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Waiting for the Concourt Shuttleworth Judgement

Waiting for the Shuttleworth judgement. A cold and empty constitutional court.

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702 Tax advice – John Robbie Show

Listen to John Robbie read out advice from Zeridium on his morning show on 702 Talk Radio

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SARS Beefs up to deal with base erosion

THE South African Revenue Service (SARS ) is to significantly beef up its capacity to deal with base erosion and […]

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2015 and 2016 Tax Rates

See the tables below for tax rates and tax thresholds for individuals, as well as medical aid rates pertaining to […]

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Reserve Bank Appointment

Anthony Chait Appointed to the board of the Reserve Bank

We’re pleased to announce that our CEO Anthony Chait has been […]